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Last Planets is a massively multiplayer strategy game for iOS. It offers a vast world with dynamic Events to explore and secrets to unravel. In Last Planets, the player has his very own precious Planet to protect. The players can create and develop Alliances together and of course build awesome defenses. At its core, Last Planets is about working together to become the greatest power in the universe.




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Development started on Last Planets in the fall of 2014. During its lengthy conception, many smaller aspects of the game have changed.  The core ideals of providing players emergent content and ways to work together have however remained as the main cornerstones of the design, from the very beginning.


Development on the game started from the realization that mobile games didn’t really offer good ways to engage with fellow players. Most of the Last Planets team comes from a background of playing games on various platforms including console, PC and mobile. We saw no reason why mobile games couldn't be as social and engaging as games on other platforms.


There may have been good reasons however, why this hasn’t been addressed before. Massive multiplayer titles are notoriously hard to develop as is. It was clear from the get go, that when going to untested waters like these, it would be extremely important to get feedback as early as possible, just to see if we are going in the right direction. Working without an existing frame of reference comes with many dangers after all.


This was tackled with a very early invite only private alpha release. A highly unusual move for a mobile game. Even in this rough early state the game already showed great promise. It was both addicting and fun to the testers, and the development team.


The feedback gained was truly invaluable to the development process of the game. It helped shape Last Planets to its final form. Many of the best concepts of the game saw their light of day during this period, like the Raiding experience and dynamic group events. Many features that didn’t pan out were also left to the cutting room floor.


Testing and data remained a key pillar trough the development process of the game. Much the same way as the very early Alpha version, the soft launch of the game was also released as early as possible to get the most value out of the test. After getting great feedback from the soft launch, Last Planets was given the go ahead, to be released globally in the first part of 2017.


  • Develop your very own planet
  • Explore a persistent, vast, living universe that has all players in the same one unified world
  • Join dynamic co-operative events all over the universe
  • Engage in Real Time Strategy combat
  • Build and develop a powerful Alliance, filled with stations to offer you boosts
  • Build powerful stations with your Alliance to offer boosts and other benefits
  • Raid together with up to 50 Alliance members in real time
  • Defend your Alliance against enemy raiders in real time
  • Take 6 Unique troop types into battle
  • Search the universe for Unique Collectible Relics


Last Planets
The evil B.O.T.S. and their leader only known as the Overseer

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About Vulpine Games

Vulpine Games is an independent Finnish game development studio focusing on mobile and tablet games. We think games should be social and offer plenty of ways to play together with friends and strangers alike.


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Last Planets
Last Planets
Last Planets
Last Planets The evil B.O.T.S. and their leader only known as the Overseer